What does it mean for an app to request phone permission on Android

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What does it mean for an app to request phone permission on Android

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Some applications request phone permission to run on Android. What does it mean to ask for this permission? Is it something dangerous?

Android software permissions are always a sensitive issue .


While applications need permissions to work well, there are times

when we question the need for some permissions, as it gives the impression that they are somewhat invasive.

One of them is the phone permit, which many applications request to work on the device.

What does this phone permission really mean? 


Is it dangerous if an application requests such permission to work?

It is a doubt that surely many users on Android have had on occasion.

Therefore, we tell you what it means when an application requests that permission to work.

Surely some application or game you have installed asked for this phone permission .

The reasons for which they are requested can be varied,

so it is not necessary to think that because it has been requested that there is already something suspicious,

but it is convenient to be attentive, because in some cases

it may not make sense to request this permission and then that is when we should suspect such application.

One of the most important functions of this permission is to identify when there is a call , so that the application will pause.

This is what is understood as reading the phone status, which is usually one of the sections within this permission in question.

Although this permission grants said game or application

the possibility of making calls, redirecting calls, seeing the complete call log or making modifications to it.

It is these other actions that generate more concern when there is an application or game that requests this permission to function.

While there are cases where you need to ask for it, if we download a call app or call log, for example, then you will need it to work.

Is it dangerous if you ask for this permission?

Officially it is seen as something dangerous, in fact Google itself has considered that the phone permit carries certain risks in the past.

This is a warning to keep in mind in this regard, especially since this permission is no longer really necessary, as it was in the past.

There have been major changes in the operating system that make it irrelevant to ask for it.

In fact, there are currently few applications that ask for the telephone permit. It is not usually included in the code, because functions such as pausing the application

when receiving a call are already integrated into the system itself, so that the application does not have to have that permission.

It is the reason why the developers have been withdrawing the same little by little.

The only thing the developer has to do is launch a service that allows you to resume the software in question.

If Google mentions that phone permission is something potentially dangerous, it’s good to keep this in mind.

It is best to check the permissions of the applications that we have installed on Android. Also, at present,

when we install an application on the phone, we don’t have to accept all the permissions to make it work. So if an application asks for this specific permission, but we doubt its need, we can reject it.