Apple is reportedly building its own wireless network.

Aording to information obtained by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg , Apple Inc. has recruited an entire team of experts in space engineering and satellite communications.

Their task will be to create subsystems, and maybe even entire satellites.

It looks like Apple is fed up with relying on telecommunications giants.

Although at the beginning it should be noted that, according to reports, the project is at a very early stage of development.

At any time, it can be considered unnecessary and simply closed.

Apple’s plan is to create a satellite communication network.

Its task is to send and receive directly from clients’ devices. This would make Apple independent of the need to use external companies’ networks.

The project sounds a bit like dystopia, but apparently got the interest of Tim Cook himself.

Currently, it is not certain exactly what the project should be based on.

However, the information obtained by Gurman suggests that Apple may focus on building the components themselves, which can be placed on satellites of other companies.

Such a solution would be the simplest and most economical.

The report also proposes to provide more accurate location services and Apple maps.

In fact, the opportunities that Cupertino corporations would bring to create their own satellites are enormous. Apple could offer its own telecommunications services, or completely replace them with its iMessage or FaceTime.

Apple is working on its own communication network – they employed the industry leaders themselves
The team working on satellite communications will be led by experts in this field – Michael Trela and John Fenwick. They have made a huge contribution to Skybox Imaging, a company that offers satellite imaging services that Google bought in 2014.

Trela and Fenwick managed a Google team dedicated to satellite development jointly until 2017. Then they came to Apple to … probably do the same, only at the competition. Matt Ettus (Ettus Research), Ashley Moore Williams (director of Aerospace Corp.) and Daniel Ellis, former director of Netflix Inc., also allegedly joined the team.

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