Apple now owns Intel’s mobile modem business

Apple has bought majority shares of Intel’s smart phone modem business.

The purchase, which was announced in July, is now complete. Apple has paid Intel $ 1 billion for this purchase. Antal claims the sale has cost the company several billion dollars. After purchasing the Intel smart phone modem business, Apple will be able to make the most of its smartphones.

After this purchase, Apple’s reliance on Qualcomm, with which the company does not have a good relationship, will end. After the purchase, Apple will only own the smartphone’s modem business. Intel will continue to build modems for PCs, IoT devices and automakers.
Intel claims that they had to sell the smartphone modem business due to Qualcomm’s non-compete rights ownership.

A lawsuit came up against Qualcomm in this case, but they litigated in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals.
Apple has long adhered to the policy of least reliance on other companies. Apple reduced its reliance on Samsung after introducing its A series processor.