Apple steps into smartphone market competition in third quarter

According to a study by the firm Counterpoint, the American manufacturer takes 66% of the smartphone sales market in the third quarter of 2019.

We are not talking about the number of units sold, but the margin achieved with them.

Apple thus rakes in no less than $ 8 billion in a single quarter, far ahead of the competition.

Fewer smartphones sold but more profits

The Cupertino company is crushing the market in terms of profits.

According to this study by the firm Counterpoint Research .

Published on Thursday, December 19. Despite a market share of only 12.3% in Q3 2019.

Apple harvested 66% of the sector’s profits, or 8 of the 12 billion dollars earned by smartphone sales worldwide at the end of the year.

This percentage is also related to the turnover of Apple, which represents only 32% of the total smartphone market.

This means, in a nutshell, that the company’s margins are much higher than those of the competition.

Counterpoint justifies these results thanks to Apple’s loyal user base in the United States, Japan and Europe, allowing it to

Falling profits for the entire sector
Samsung, leader in sales volume, represents only 17% of market profits in the third quarter of the year. The Korean manufacturer is growing compared to last year, thanks in particular to the good results of the Galaxy A and Galaxy Note 10.

Huawei is in third position with 19% of the market share. The other manufacturers, Oppo, Xiaomi or Vivo, share the rest, or 17% of the shares.

Finally, note that the profits of all players in the sector fell 11% in the 3rd quarter compared to the previous year.