Aqsa Kausar the first Google developer in Pakistan

Last month, Aqsa Kausar earned the honor of being the first Pakistani expert of Google Developer with his hard work and effort.


systems to predict results and execute clearly without any program.

Similarly Google Developer Expert is a global program that recognise bright minds all over the world.

If an individual has enough information across multiple technologies the chances of him becoming a Google Developer Expert are bright.

Once elected, an expert needs to contribute to their one-year long term.

They can additionally help the developer.

Aqsa Kausar is now working as a Artificial Intelligence Developer (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPER) with a software organisation after graduating from NUTS (National University of Science and Technology) Islamabad.

This software is called Red Buffer (RED BUFFER). Aqsa has often adapted himself to his skills in the field of learning machines.

In addition, it organised workshops and won various awards in programs like Google DeFest 2018 and Google Cloud Extended (GOOGLE CLOUDY EXTENDED) 2019.

Aqsa Kausar also participated in Google’s TRAIN THE TRAINER session, which was held recently at Google’s Learning Machine

TRAIN the TRAINER in Singapore.

Aqsa says Tayyab Tariq, the CEO of the company in which he works, has always encouraged him.

In addition to their parents Tayyab Tariq is also very helpful in getting them here.

Aqsa Kauser called on young women, especially women, to move forward and seek opportunities to achieve growth in this field.

Aqsa is currently working with Red Buffer Software Firm.

In this regard, Aqsa says, “Being part of the Red Buffer has helped them immensely in their journey forward.”

‘Red Buffer’ has excellent skills in learning machines and artificial intelligence, in which amazing and talented women are working, giving them a lot to learn.

Aqsa also blogs on topics related to learning machines on “Medium” (an online publishing platform). She wants people to come and learn about it.

Aqsa received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from NUST with a 3.79 ‘CGPA’. From the time of school.

Aqsa’s attitude towards Google was not high, but after reading from his admission to the University, when he considered his article.

He had a tendency to do so. Through different people.

They are very fortunate in that they have found good parents, family, friends and teachers, who encouraged them, and they stand today,” Aqsa says



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