Best Graphic Design Sites For Non-Professionals 2020

Best Graphic Design Sites
Best Graphic Design Sites

Best Graphic Design Sites For Non-Professionals

If you don’t have any experience with how to handle Adobe or any of the photo editing and graphic design applications, do not worry as you still have time to unleash your creativity, as there are easier alternatives in which you can do what you want.

Best graphic design sites for non-professionals


The site aims to give people an easy way to edit and design, by providing them with a wide range of perfect templates for designing invitations, business cards, thank you cards, or simple advertisements. .

The site has full and flexible features, which makes it ideal for beginners!

It is used by many people from all over the world graphic design applications

The site is free, but if you are not satisfied with the available features, you can upgrade to the pro version for a fee.


Snappa has been in this field for almost 4 years, and many marketers and entrepreneurs are accepting it, due to its ease of use and the lack of many complications for beginners.

Site tools have evolved over time, to make image design much easier and faster.

The site features a full set of features, templates and professional visual assets, which makes the site ideal for companies and business owners! It is a Canadian photo editing program. You can use it individually or with your team.


Started in 2007, and its founder, Melanie Perkins, Australian.

It is an easy-to-use photo editing site, because it relies on the “drag and drop” tool for image design.

If you want to work from your phone, you can download the application from the application store (Apple or Google). Many great designers.

Canva is free, but you can also pay for upgrade options.


Stencil claims to be the fastest, easiest and most effective photo editing site. It is really fast and easy to use, and you can use it to make attractive logos and designs, which makes it ideal for social media and blogs.


Best Graphic Design Sites Pablo may be the simplest photo editing program ever. You can use it to resize images, add filters, text and logos to images.

It also contains templates, but they are not many or varied.

It is owned by Social Media Scheduling Company,

Buffer, which focuses on marketing and branding.

Buffer is a trusted company in the market, working with global brands like Microsoft, Business Insider, Shopify and Trello.


DesignBold believes that design should not be difficult, as it is a method of self-expression.

It aims to empower

Best Graphic Design Sites  and enhance everyone’s imagination, and help them to be able to tell their stories through their actions. It is a simple, powerful photo editing tool for beginners with no complications.


Vectr is ideal for “vector art” graphics known as vector art. It has easy-to-use tools that non-professionals will love. If you can’t figure out how to use some tools, you can browse the website

Best Graphic Design Sites  where you will find some simple and uncomplicated videos and guides.


Crello is an ideal photo editing software for social media, emails, banners, blogs and posters. It is suitable for marketers, entrepreneurs and social media users. Inside the program, you can find millions of images, thousands of templates, and more than 30 design layouts.