The New Smart Glassess

You’ve heard of mobile phones and lenses with augmented reality. When you view a scene, additional information is added to the scene as well in eyeglasses .

Now the Bosch company has created a lightweight and modern fountain, which is beginning to show information to transparent geometries.

Although many companies have made such glasses, they were heavy, but the circuit installed in the Bosch Smart Glass is very light and difficult to identify.

Bosch calls it a light drive whose frame is also fashionable.

The projection system installed in it displays text and images on both axes that only you can see.

Suppose you are standing near the Eiffel Tower, then it starts showing its details or facts on the map. In addition, you can read messages from your phone on a light drive that appear on transparent glasses.

Earlier, a company named North also made a projector for messages appearing on the lens, but with the circuit, the projector, battery, and other devices were flooded with foggy glasses.

But in the Bosch Company ad you can see the mirror of the projector itself. The amazing thing is that its projector circuit weighs just 10 grams.

Looking at the circuit world, it has a light scanner based on a electromagnetically system (MEMS)

That scans the lens of the first lens and displays it on the lens of the eye and gives the lens wearer a clearer view.

The projector can be used for both simple and numerical calculations.

You can also view the data and details of your smartphone and smart watch directly through this lens. After wearing it you can contact the projector by touching the lens of the lens.

The GPS system included in the sensor can inform the world of your location but you have the option of using this option or not.