Half Life virtual reality episode released on March 23

Half Life virtual reality episode will be released on March 23

Half Life virtual reality episode will be released on March 23

Half-Life: Alyx, the first virtual reality episode of the famous game, will be released on March 23 on Steam

It is at the end of March that we will have to put on the virtual reality mask to enjoy the Half-Life: Alyx adventure.

March 23 Half-Life

will be much more than one of the first days of spring. It is also for your information on this date  Alyx , the next episode of Half-Life and the first in virtual reality, will arrive on Steam, the super store of the publisher Valve.

Its very good news and make their fans awesome for all fans of the license, which had not known a new episode for more than fifteen years.

You have until March 23 to purchase a VR headset

As a reminder Half-Life:

Alyx takes place before Half-Life 2 . To take advantage of it, you will necessarily have to have a virtual reality headset like the HTC Vive Pro , the Valve Index or the Oculus Rift S as well as a laptop or shock desktop PC. Valve did not anticipate that its game could be enjoyed other than on the screens of non-autonomous VR masks.

Valve claimed to have optimized Half-Life: Alyx so that the VR experience could be as long as possible, even for those who are quickly prone to dizziness or nausea with a helmet in front of the eyes.

Half Life virtual reality episode

Just have to  six weeks to wait before setting foot in the post apocalyptic world of Half-Life, the wait will be long and we stamp out in advance.

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