How To Connect Two Routers In Home Network?

How To Connect Two Routers In Home Network

How To Connect Two Routers In Home Network?

A router is a physical device whose job is to receive incoming data to another network, analyze it, and transfer it to your other receiving devices, such as computers, telephones, and others. In addition to doing some other network related operations, this can actually connect two routers in one home network together.

In general, routers are common types of gateways, as hundreds of routers can forward a single packet during its transmission from one network to another on its way to its final destination, and traditional routers are functional devices that exist in their own right as they use Special programs to complete its tasks. It also examines the Internet protocol addresses of where the given packet data (IP address) arrives, and works to find the best way to deliver it to the desired location and then forward it according to the results received.

How To Connect Two Routers In Home Network?

Second router placement:

When configuring wired and wireless routers, it is better to do this from a computer connected to a router with an Ethernet network cable, so when setting up a new router it must be placed next to a computer running Windows or others to use it in the initial configuration, and after completing the process the router can be placed in Elsewhere.

Connecting a second router (wired router):

The second router is connected to the first pre-existing router via an Ethernet cable by connecting one of the two ends of the cable to the transmission port of the second router, which may be called Wan or Ethernet, and the second party is connected to any of the empty ports of the first router except the transmission port.

Connecting a second router (wireless router):

The second router works will in most configurations  wireless access point  by meaning its function as a router device, and the wireless router is connected either using an Ethernet cable as in wired routers or wireless as the new router must be set up in Client Mode, so that all the functions of the home router that do not support This situation.

Wi-Fi settings for wireless home routers:

When two wireless routers are wanted, their signals may interfere (since each wireless router has frequency bands called paths) which may cause poor network connectivity, and signal interference occurs when the two wireless routers in the home use the same or interfering paths.

By default, wireless routers use different Wi-Fi paths, depending on their model, and this can be changed in the router’s console settings. To prevent signal interference between the two home routers, we set up the first router to use path 1 or 6 and the second to use path 11.

Configure the IP address for the second router:

Router machines in home networks have default IP address settings according to the router model, and there is no need to change the default settings for the IP address of the second router unless they are configured as a network adapter or access point.


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