Huawei x Gentle Monster, smart glasses,

The smart sunglasses Huawei x

Gentle Monster combines fashion and technology seamlessly. Manufactured from materials that are highly flexible, lightweight, and also protect against dust and water spray at the IP67 level. Wear without worrying about dust and sweat.

With a double tap function that allows the wearer to answer the phone Control music playback or call the Google Assistant with just two taps on the glasses legs.

Complete with sensors that detect if wearing The music playing function will stop automatically when the user takes off the glasses.

And will continue playing when wearing glasses again In addition.

Glasses will always connect to the internet.

And is like a helper with you at all times Every morning when users wear glasses for the first time of the day Glasses will greet naturally

(When used with a smartphone using EMUI 9.1) and when connected to a smartphone using EMUI 10, will be able to listen to notifications or make appointments Without having to pick up a smartphone

Huawei x Gentle Monster

Glasses come with built-in stereo speakers. For clear sound Full efficiency Can separate speech or music. Clearly And also give users privacy Prevent the sound from escaping to the outside Therefore can enjoy the music to the full without disturbing the surrounding There is also an external noise cancellation technology that works with a dual microphone system. It can cut outside noise, even if the glasses are only 5 mm away from the noise, which can be an effective conversation

Gentle Monster

Smart sunglasses with leather charger case Lightweight and easy to carry Charge easily.

Just pack the glasses into the case and can be used fully throughout the day.

Available today at a price of 11,990 baht at the Huawei Brand Shop. And the participating dealers in 11 locations

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