Outside the lungs make the oxygen floating underwater

. ThAustria: 

 We know that underwater scuba diving requires heavy equipment on one side. And on the other hand, many types of certificates  allow you to land in the water. But now an exciting invention allows you to swim while swimming.

It is named as ‘Izuzu Ling’, the ‘outer lung’. As long as a passerby keeps moving and moving, it keeps getting ready for it. The details of the technology are attached to an airtight bag by means of a small pipe.The pipe floats on the surface of the water as you move along.


The pipe is attached to a transparent plastic box on your chest. When it comes down from the surface, and the rubber balloon blade spreads and shrinks through the legs.

In this way, the air flows from the upper floating bag through the pipe, which provides oxygen to the swimmer through the mouth. In this way, this whole system makes the air for you.


It was designed by a specialist Tragshing, according to which the extinguisher provides oxygen for an unlimited time. You stop getting oxygen only when you give up, but the system is limited and you can only go 5 meters deep.

The reason for this is that due to the depth of the water as well as pressure, it is increasingly difficult to move hands and feet, and this can lead to sinking. On this basis, it is better than snorkeling and far behind the scuba system.

The system is designed for small underwater activities. This system also including research into swimming pools, etc., without extracting water from the swimming pool.

The whole weighing weight is only 3 and a half kilograms. Engineers have successfully tested this first model, but it can cost up to $ 550.


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