Phone Apps That Provide You With Strange Services!

Phone Apps That Provide You With Strange Services!
Phone Apps That Provide You With Strange Services!

Phone Apps That Provide You With Strange Services!

There are a lot of rare phone apps, each of which offers some misleading services or features that may seem unusual, strange, and absolutely unnecessary. However, since they were created and spent money developing these unusual apps, there should be a request to justify their creation.

In this article, we highlight mobile apps that perform strange and sometimes unnecessary tasks!

Phone apps offer strange services!

Fake Conversation

We all passed in situations in which we met people and we desperately needed to escape this little and long-running interview awaiting at least a phone call to save us from spending more time with this person and ending the conversation! Many Fake Conversation jE apps provide you with fake calls with logical context and per-recorded voice instructions that you must repeat to convince the other person that the conversation is real!

Similar apps also provide the ability to create fake conversations on Facebook Messenger, Whats App or any chat program you choose, to take a photo of the fake conversation later and trick your friends.



SMTH app is short for Send Me To Heaven, so you can use it at your own risk! The application is basically a game in which you throw your phone up and calculate the throw height. You can challenge your friends to see who gets the highest score, but the higher the score, the higher the risk coefficient of losing your phone!

The application is available on Android for free download

I am rich

If you are satisfied with the course of your life and that you are earning a lot of money, you can consider purchasing applications that do not perform great functions but for large sums of money! I Am Rich is one of those apps designed for the wealthy who like to show off their wealth. The app is expensive, paying around $ 400 without getting specific services!


Weird Type

AR apps that let you type in the air. The application is one of the wonderful and unusual iPhone applications that are both creative and addictive. The application allows people to unleash the artist inside, with the aid of augmented reality technology, so that you can interact with everything you draw.

The app is available for download on iOS .


For many app developers, knowing a lot of “useless” information and random facts can give you broader perspectives for developing AR apps by providing you with information about what’s around you, not just interesting sites and landmarks.

WiKitude provides you with details about each building or even an object that the camera is pointing at. For example, if you point the camera to a book on a store shelf, it will give you a short summary of the book and the opportunity to purchase it online. The app is one of the fun but exotic apps at the same time.


Companies spend a lot of money on developing mobile applications and making sure that all of their features are working perfectly, and that they have no errors. However, there are some apps that do nothing at all! In fact, she doesn’t even have a logo! Like the Nothing app. When starting the app, a completely blank screen appears and nothing happens!

The strange thing is that there is a Pro version of the Nothing app that takes you to a whole new level of emptiness! You can download the Pro version for $ 0.99 from the Android Marketplace.

Although these applications are really strange, but each of these applications have customers that encourage the developers of these applications to continue! Certainly one person in the world needs a fake call in time of crisis, and another needs an app that reflects GPS maps on the mirror of his car. You may need to try some of these apps every now and then and maybe at a time when you don’t do anything!