What Is A Barcode

What Is A Barcode
What Is A Barcode

 Barcode And Method Of Its Working

You may have seen those black and white strings and numbers on the labels of all the goods we buy, which are called

What is a barcode?

Barcodes are applied to products as a means of identification quickly, as they are used in stores selling as part of the purchase process,

in warehouses to track inventory, on invoices to help with accounting, and many other uses.

How barcode works

The principle of  work depends on the representation of numbers or special letters through the widened vertical lines, which can be interpreted by a barcode reader or a smartphone with the corresponding barcode scanning application, the barcode is read using a laser that scans the lines, as the white columns reflect light more than Black that absorbs light, and how the barcode works. The computer or phone starts decoding.

And since computers understand the world as just 0 or 1, so the white clips are read as 0 and the black clips are 1, they are read this way like everything else and represent the manufacturer’s code. Each company has its own unique five numbers, but now things are a little more complicated.

Each number from 0 to 9 is represented by its own unique blend of white and black lines. For example, 0110001 represents 5 and 1100110 represents 1.

The  is now fully read, the computer’s scanned item is identified as a specific product, its price is displayed and the company is told it has been sold, all of this happening in a split second.