Youtube new update 2020

Youtube new update 2020

Youtube new update 2020

After two years of testing YouTube, the new tab “Launch” is launched in its applications

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What is the new update for YouTube?

Is YouTube going to shut down?

YouTube got a new update in which the “Content” tab was replaced by the new “Explore” tab

 Youtube new version

YouTube app got Android and iOS operating systems, a new update in which the “Content” tab in the application’s navigation bottom panel was changed and replaced with the new “Explore” tab, which in turn will show the popular videos, which will display more diverse videos and different content .

Youtube latest update apk

For its part, this tab may seem somewhat familiar, or perhaps you have already seen it in the YouTube application, and the reason is that the company has tested it over the past two years, and now it is officially available to everyone.

Youtube changes 2020

And if you happen to like the “Popular” tab, don’t worry, its content will be on a page at the top of the new “Explore” section, and some popular videos will remain visible in the default contents of the “Explore” tab, but these destinations will also get a look Updated, and the company plans to add more over time.

Youtube new update 2020

Finally, these plugins are currently available for all Android and iOS users, noting that we are not yet sure whether the update is just a server-side change, or whether the application update is required, and on both sides it is preferred to download the latest version if available.